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About Lola Media

Lola media is a full-service podcasting company that will transform the way you think and learn. We focus on high quality, highly produced shows. We explain why everything from entertainment to crypto to corporate America to lifestyle to journalism to finance is relevant to your life now. Think of this as your front row seat to the most interesting conversation at the party.

Our hosts are some of the most reputable and experienced thinkers in everything from psychology to law to journalism to venture capital tailored to your ever-expanding interests. Each week you’ll hear first-hand stories from founders, interviews with experts and insiders, as well as specially curated extras for those who want to know even more.  

But the best part, all our shows make sense together. Come for one, dabble in another. They all appeal to the curious person who wants to better understand the social and financial implications of everything.

Talk Money

Talk Money is a weekly podcast that delves deeper into the world of business and finance. Through commentary and interviews, host Mesh Lakhani shares new perspectives on how business and investing work in short and easily digestible episodes. This isnt your standard "how to" show, but rather offers deeper insights in an entertaining way into everything from crypto currencies to Facebook to the real estate market. Mesh shares how his 14 years as an investor and entrepreneur guide his insights into the stories beyond the headlines and details the very real benefits and costs that come to the companies and investors with each decision.

talk money podcast
better call paul podcast

Better Call Paul

Hosted by former Marvel entertainment lawyer Paul Sarker and entertainment enthusiast Mesh Lakhani Better Call Paul will delve into the business and legal issues behind the glitz and glam. This show takes you beyond the catchy headlines to find out what’s really at play behind the scenes and gives you an introduction to the business side of show business.

Founder Stories

Spanx, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks - are all companies where everyone knows the backstory of how they started and the trials and tribulations of the founders.  But the list of companies who are doing amazing things that never make people’s radars is profound and there’s something to be learned from each one of them.

founder stories podcast
messy situations podcast
coming 5/4

Messy Situations

We don't know who needs to hear this, but nobody has their shit together 100 percent of the time -- nobody. You can be excelling in one part of your life while another area is imploding. Those two states of being co-exist all the time, for everyone.  Life is messy like that. And it's okay. What's not okay?  Acting like you have it under control when you're spiraling. We want to help. Messy Situations empowers people to release feelings of shame by bravely revealing the unfiltered parts of their lives. Each week we'll discuss Messy Situations -- big and small -- submitted anonymously and shared by in-person guests, and then call in our Clean-Up Crew of wellness experts, mental-health pros, spiritual guides, energy healers, messy-life survivors and more to start mopping things up.  We encourage anyone who is willing to confess their own mess - even science says it's good for the soul.

Messy Situations is hosted by Kane Sarhan, CoFounder & CCO of THE WELL and Michele Promaulayko, award-winning print and digital editor.

coming 5/25

The New Frontier: Web3

Crypto, metaverse, Web3, NFTs, Defi, mining and gas prices (and no, we don’t mean for your car). There are so many new terminologies now! Things are changing quickly as we move into this new era... but what does it all mean? And how will it impact you? In New Frontier, host Mesh Lakhani is separating facts from fiction so that everyone (even those who don't work in tech) can understand what’s happening and more importantly how it impacts them.  At a turning point where Web3 is reshaping the way we buy, borrow, shop, save, and even interact as human beings, New Frontier is here to empower listeners to both understand and participate in this brave new world.

new frontier podcast

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